New Year, New Us: We Are Now Foliopx

December and the start of the new year have been a busy time for us. We wanted to let you know about some exciting changes for nFolios in 2014. We've grown (and looked into some trademark issues) and as a consequence, we're changing our name:

nFolios is now Foliopx!

What does this mean for our users?
Practically, it doesn't mean a lot. All user login information will remain the same, and we'll automatically redirect all portfolios. Obviously, our email, support website, and twitter have changed. Here's the updated contact information:

Contact Email Support Website Twitter Handle @foliopx

Now it's time for a shameless plug: a few things haven't changed: we're committed to providing you and other artists with an easy, affordable, and great looking online portfolio. We'll continue to support and promote artists and listen to your feedback so we can keep making this site better. Shameless plug over.

As an added bonus, and becuase you've read this far, we are offering a sweet discount code for the rest of the month, to celebrate our new name. For the remainder of January, if you use the promo code SoLongNFoliosHelloFoliopx, you will receive a whopping 20% discount on your order of Foliopx Pro. Honestly, deals don't get much better than that. You're welcome :-)