Featured Artists

Engaging. Talented. Inspiring. Controversial.
Enjoy these artists, handpicked for their remarkable artwork.

One of our goals at Foliopx is to engage, support, and promote talented and interesting artists. We're proud to showcase the work of the Featured Artists on this page.

Whether beautiful, grotesque, or just plain funny, we know that art is work; it takes time, effort, curiosity, skill, and inspiration to create.

Art, regardless of type, challenges, inspires, subverts, and connects us. It can help us see the world differently; it can cause us to see ourselves differently.

From photography to sketching, from glass-blowing to modeling, from fine-arts to experimental techniques, from web-design to fashion, Art makes the world a better place. At Foliopx, we're proud of the incredible artistry and talent demonstrated by these artists.

If you're interested in having your art featured, you can connect with us on Twitter (@foliopx) or send us an email. We love supporting our members and are always looking for new artists to include. We will personally respond to all inquiries, though obviously not everone will have their work featured.

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